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2012-06-11 18:27:47 by Atomlad

new account & new content soon

got tired of looking at that cheezy last post


the end

2012-03-05 13:25:45 by Atomlad

We'll I don't know why I took this long to say it but.

Atomlad is pretty much (officially) retired.

It was a solid run I suppose. Originally I made this account just as an experiment. I wanted to see if i could find a formula for animations that would get me recognized while keeping the objective of doing as little animation / or work as possible.

It worked out great didn't it?

Its easy to find yourself when no one else is around you.

I could end this with some special message, or quote but aye. Who da fuck cares.

Atomlad was a massive ball of putrid hatred. \forthemostpart\

Y'all will see me again soon. Fore it is my quest to live a lazy fucking life! Creativity being the soup I will eat from my spoon! And I can't do it without you guys.

(hence i gotta make a name for myself so i get dat internet $$$)

Worst comes to worse I work for ESPN. WORST...

For the few folk who actually have been checking this page out I thank you.

I love making shit. But I love hearing what people have to say about it too. I love it even more when people enjoy said shit.

Like a grey is just a soul experiencing this reality I experience you through this persona. I learned a lot. I did. But it comes to an end today.

It was one for the record books mates. One for the books.

Maybe I'll release all my unfinished projects someday on a DVD?

What am I talking about.

Yoyokilla: Complete.
Atomlad: Complete.
???: The Best Is Yet To Come

One more cometh

2011-10-21 09:13:00 by Atomlad


Atomlad is being retired

2011-10-01 01:33:06 by Atomlad

I've been meaning to write a big message, and release an anthology of all the unfinished work I've made over the past year and half with this account.But due to technical difficulties (all flashes having different FPS and resolutions) I've decided that isn't a possibility right now. IBut before I sign off- I'll tell you what ATOMLAD is. Atomlad in itself was an experiment; to create animations the least amount of planning and thought while trying to achieve the goal of gaining a large audience.

A year and a half has passed since I tried finding that formula; and it never worked (2 b found). Unfortunately on a deeper note, I have noticed I've been actually becoming ATOMLAD as the days went on. This isn't something I want; so to solve that I'm terminating Atomlad. Yep, this account is no more. Within the next days to weeks I'll be dumping all of what yo see in the picture below into the portal. If it makes it, it makes it. If not then so be it. But I'm done. This game went on a little too long.

I hope everyone enjoyed it for what it was; and I hope these animations never find a place in your hearts. Cause I sure as hell wouldn't want them anywhere near mine.

Farewell newgrounds; internet.

It was a nice run.. see you on the other side.

Atomlad is being retired

Show me some love newgrounds

2011-09-14 23:09:03 by Atomlad

However you show love, show me how you show it

Show me some love newgrounds

July is almost here

2011-06-15 14:37:08 by Atomlad

And with that I have roughly only 60 days left till the next semester starts. I lost the month advantage I already had; but what am I doing? Its time to get priorities straight. Its time to stop making shit. I'm going know where right now, I'll admit it. Speed needs to be changed. I must de-brainwash myself. Cleanse thy mind man; the route of this dilemma. What do I truly desire? How will I achieve it. Over complicating things, is this the problem? No.

And newgrounds is gay; cant handle PNG

July is almost here


2011-05-08 15:36:15 by Atomlad


AtomlaB 5 Second Collab

2011-05-05 11:28:22 by Atomlad

Yo i did the 3rd scene w/ da ufo and the glitchy barn.

The w/e scene w/ double d droppin acid

and the 2nd or 3rd last scene w/ da fat ninja kid (werd dats me cept im not fat spoiler)

Yap. Collabs are cool. ima do like 4 a month cuz they are ez and fun n stuff word

Laptop is still fucked up

2011-04-28 14:40:01 by Atomlad

What is this naruto & bleach shit btw?

Yo my laptop is still at the impound... next friday i should have it back latest. No old shit tour; WHAT THE FUCK SKOOTER!!

Hmmmm well board n stuff killin time at school. I guess theres a thunderstorm so dat makes this more convieniant for me 2 b jus chillin here ya kno?

FUCK. DIEHERA... Dudes and dudettes... I just well.. yesterday i was in the teachers lounge and stole some nutrisystem packet out of the freezer (hvac d00ds fixan shyt & leavin the doors open lol) its been in my backpack chillan n shit jus meltin all over my boox and i felt like eating just now so i microwaved that shit. i microwaved it and it burnt my tongue. but b4 my tung this is what i saw!

*look at pic*

ya WHAT THE FUCK. nasty right? it didnt taste 2 good 2. for all my fellow fatties out there let me jus tell you this. NUTRISYSTEM IS GUD CUZ THEY LIMIT UR CALORIES ECT DUHHH. this is the breakfast item of the DAY nuggas! 150 cals i believe? fuckin u guys eatin donuts n cereal n baccon n shit. thats like 400 MINIMUM. weord! werd! (sssssssssshhhhhhhiiiiii-) so ya

they limit calories ect

making flash bout chips from last year


gotta poop

cya mutha fawkos! (& fukkettes)

Laptop is still fucked up

K laptop broke

2011-04-20 13:18:49 by Atomlad

can't release the 9 cartoons i planned on releasing this week