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Come back?

2012-08-29 00:27:47 by Atomlad

It feels like its time to start making animations again. I feel ready and think so too. But do I make a username or what? I like to separate "eras", but I might of had a good thing going on here. That and I probably couldn't come up with another numberless name like I've done the past two times.

It's all so trouble-some oni uni chan? sama dawma. kawwai deshu.

Start at my new university tommoro. No more ghetto thugs; now I gotta deal with rich bitches and there pugs.

Alien abduction

What do you guys think? Strangers? Lovers? Maybe others? LEAVE A COMMENT "*Below*"

Sorry for the messed up semi nsfw dirty energy pic.

Come back?


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2012-08-29 02:11:51

If they look anything like that then i say go for it

Atomlad responds:

We'll see. I have a lot of frustration and anger waiting to be let out